A stationary queen’s dream

Some call me weird, some call me strange and others just go for plain sad but I have always had a fascination with stationary and notebooks.  I was the kid at school who had her coloured pencils in rainbow order with her name scratched into the ends of them so no one could steal them.  So knowing that, it may not come as a great surprise to you to hear that one of my absolute BEST presents this Christmas was my Filofax.

I just can’t stop banging on about it.  I think even my poor mother (who fed this stationary addiction by buying it me) is sick of hearing about it – but I just love it.

After hanging my nose over it for literally months, my mum definitely knew the organiser of choice was the pink pocket Finsbury.  It’s gorgeous grained leather that’s super soft and, although it doesn’t come cheap (it retails at about £46 on the Filofax website), it absolutely oozes luxury.  Inside there is enough zips and compartments for any photos, business cards or paper that might need storing in there and there’s even a holder for a handy pen, which just happens to be big enough to fit my pink Parker Jotter pen.

Where the Filofax really shines though is with its wide array of inserts available.  It came pre-filled with a 2012 diary insert, address pages, coloured note paper, to-do lists and A-Z address dividers but a quick look on the Filofax site informs me there is much more available, from sticky notes to maps and even some super cute organiser stickers to colour code and catagorise your diary entries.

Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t the only one who received a Filofax this Christmas, a number of my friends did too, and it seems they are fast becoming the geek chic accessory of the season – although I have every confidence mine is going to become my life long friend.

Geeeeeeeek 🙂



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