Making A House A Home with Housing Units

Any blogger or Instagrammer worth their salt is obsessed with pretty interiors.  I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I like more than scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram to get some homeware inspo, whether it’s for jazzing up a little corner of my bedroom or looking for a way to make my home office look beautiful as well as being functional.    The internet is an Aladdin’s cave full of ideas but with modern day budgets tight for millennials looking to make a house a home, it can be easy to get disheartened when you realise you can only afford a quarter of that expensive lamp you’ve been eyeing up.

I’m a big believer in a few inexpensive little touches going a long way to transform your interiors and I was super excited when one of my favourite homeware stores, Housing Units, kindly sent me a few beautiful bits to help make my house feel more homely.

  1. ‘Lady Boss!’ Fine China Mug, £8.99

Is ANY home office really complete without a Instagramable mug to pop at the side of your laptop?  If I’m going to spend 8 hours a day in my spare-room-cum-office it sure as hell better be filled with pretty things.  I’m a sucker for anything with metallic gold on it and I do think I’m a pretty kick-ass girlboss so this gorgeous fine China ‘Lady Boss’ mug literally ticks alllll the boxes.  It’s definitely a large mug so holds lots of your beverage of choice and just looks so damn pretty sat on your desk.  My ‘Lady Boss’ version isn’t currently online but there are two very similar ones from the same range; a ‘1,2,3 Prosecco‘ one and a ‘There’s too much tea in my Prosecco!‘ version.  I want all three.

2.  HU:Home Ginger & White Lily Candle, £14.99

You know when you find a candle you just fall in love with and you want it in every room of your house?  Yeah, that.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I found out Housing Units had their own range of candles.  I call a spade a spade and more often than not when shops have their own brand candles they’re usually a little disappointing and don’t really have a strong smell.  Hand on heart, this is not the case at all with the HU:Home range.  The ginger and white lily is such a gorgeous floral smell – it’s super strong, but not overpowering, and when I opened my delivery from Housing Units, I could definitely smell it as soon as I opened the box – and that was before it had even been lit.  I absolutely adore having candles in the home – who doesn’t want everywhere to smell nice!? – and think they can go such a long way to making a room feel homely and relaxed.  Housing Units really wanted to create a range that was bespoke and considered and embarked on a rigorous testing process to find the finest quality wax and scent, and it’s definitely paid off.  There’s quite a few scents available, so you’ll definitely find one you’ll like, and they even come in diffuser and room spray form too, so there’s no excuse for every room of your house not to smell divine.

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3.  ‘Champagne Please’ Doormat, £24.99

There’s nothing more frustrating, darrrling, than people turning up to your house sans Champagne in their hand – and with this on your front step they’ll have no excuse not to.  This chic, glittery doormat is the perfect addition for creating the right impression as soon as someone walks into your home.  I love a slogan and the glittery words are actual real pieces of glitter (as oppposed to shimmery threads) so it really has a feel of luxury and high quality.  It’s made from really strong tufted coconut fibre so it’s durable and made to last and a really great fact is that they use exterior paint to dye it instead of food dye (like other brands do) so it really is going to withstand even the muddiest and heaviest of boots.  And if Champagne’s not your tipple, there’s a ‘Gin o’clock?‘ one too…

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Nothing makes a house a home more than being able to pop on your comfies, chill out on the sofa and munch your way through a pack (or two) of your favourites sweets.  I don’t know how the lovely team at Housing Units knew jazzies were my fave but I’m super glad they did…

If you haven’t been to Housing Units yet, it’s really time you paid them a visit.  They have the most beautiful bits and pieces for your home, from full blown furniture sets all the way to tiny little trinkets for your desk – they even have watches and purses too from well known brands!  Now is literally the perfect time to go because it’s a wonderland full of festive fayre and they even have their Santa’s Grotto up already.

Have you been to Housing Units yet?  What’s your favourite item in this blog?

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