I must admit, until about two years ago, skincare was something I’d never really given much time to.  My routine consisted pretty much of wiping a baby wipe around my face to get my makeup off and whacking some Witch Hazel on the odd spot.  I’ve always had good, ‘normal’ skin that’s relatively clear – and I’m also super lazy when it comes to getting ready for bed – so skincare really wasn’t a priority for me at all.


Whilst I still have been known to use the odd makeup wipe after a night out and I do totally swear by Witch Hazel when I have a rogue visitor on my face (seriously guys, it’s so cheap and an absolutely wonder product) I’ve slowly started to realise the worth in looking after your skin.  A couple of years ago, I had my face scanned at the Mere Spa and although I didn’t have much sun damage and my skin age was younger than my actual age (no surprises there, baby face), seeing your skin in all its UV light glory on a screen does shock you somewhat into taking care of it.  Coupled with the fact I started to experience real unusual redness on my cheeks – a reaction, I think, to the aforementioned beloved facial wipes and another champion of laziness, micellar water – I really started to think a whole lot more about what I was putting on my face.



The world of skincare is a confusing one when you’re an outsider, but I quickly realised that if I was looking for no-nonsense, quality skincare then Kiehl’s was where it was at.  For those of you that don’t know, Kiehl’s began as old-world apothecary in New York 165 years ago – so they really do know their stuff.  What I love the most about their products – apart from the fact they really do work – is that they list all their ingredients on the front of their packaging so it’s really clear what’s in them, which is a god-send when you’re trying to work out what you’re allergic to.  Their products are absolutely designed to do the job they say they’ll do and that’s exactly what they do do.  Their Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been a favourite of mine for a little while now and has really helped my skin calm down after its bout of redness.


I’ve recently started collaborating with the Manchester King Street boutique and I was really excited to be invited to a bloggers’ breakfast with them at the beginning of the month.  I actually went to the boutique’s launch party and instantly fell in love with it – it’s not only a beauty lover’s dream but an interior lover’s one too with its neon signs and prettily placed product – so it was great to be invited by them to chat through the launch of their latest offering.  This month sees the (re)release of their new and improved Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate – and boy, what a powerful product it is.



If you’re a die-hard Kiehl’s fan, you’ll know that this product isn’t entirely new – its previous incarnation was loved by many.  This time around, they’ve upped the Vitamin C content from an already huge 10% to a mammoth 12.5%.  It doesn’t sound much as percentages go, but trust me, this is a lot.  Naturally, the body doesn’t produce Vitamin C on its own so just as we need to eat it, we also need it topically too.  As an ingredient though, it’s quite unstable in skincare so for Kiehl’s to have managed to pack this level in is pretty incredible.


Although I am getting on a bit at the ripe old age of 28 and prevention definitely is better than cure in terms of wrinkles, my teenage looking babyface that necessitates me taping my ID to my head to buy a wide selection of normal adult items like alcohol, lottery tickets and *gasp* paracetamol doesn’t quite need line-reducing products yet.  Gutting, I thought, seeing as Kiehl’s were kindly gifting me with a bottle of something I apparently didn’t have much use for.  However, I quickly learnt that although the Vitamin C is amazing at quickly diminishing lines and wrinkles and the hyaluronic acid reduces roughness and appearance of deep wrinkles through epidermal hydration, this product does so much more.  Like I said, Vitamin C is pretty much a necessity for your skin and the concentrate noticeably improves your skin’s radiance and texture, as well as acting as a potent antioxidant and having long-term active correction benefits.


Plus, it also just makes your skin feel well nice, sooooo there’s that too.



In all seriousness though, the consistency is so lovely.  We tried it on the back of our hands in the boutique and I honestly was amazed to see how it did noticeably plump out the skin almost instantly and make it feel more smooth.  It’s got a really lovely feel, a bit like a primer and after using it at home for a couple of weeks now, I can honestly say it really does make your skin look brighter and smoother.  One pump goes a long way and you can use it morning and night alongside other products in your routine.  It’s one of those products I didn’t know I needed but now I would’t want to be without.


Excitingly, Kiehl’s have been lucky enough to offer one of my followers a full size bottle of the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate too.  To be in with a chance, simply head to my Instagram and Twitter and for details.  Remember to follow both me and Kiehl’s too!



This product was gifted to me by Kiehl's however, as usual, this is my true and honest review.

How many times have you looked down at your nails when you’re at home or in the office only to wish you had your own in-house manicurist?  Whilst unpainted nails are, I admit,  #firstworldproblems, it can sometimes be hard to schedule in nail appointments when you are juggling the stresses and struggles of everyday life and work commitments.  “If only I could use an app to have a manicurist come to me at a time and place that’s totally convenient” I hear you say.  WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW…there is.  Step forward, Blow Ltd.

Hailed as Uber for beauty – by no one except me, probably – it’s a one-stop app for nails, blow drys, makeup, massages, lashes and even yoga.  Hop onto the app and you can select your service and then choose a time, date and location that suits you.  It’s super easy to do and because there are so many beauty professionals working for them, there’s always loads of times available – and they work from 7 am to late too.

I was really lucky to be offered the chance to try out a complimentary gel manicure, thanks to my friends at Carousel PR.  I wanted to get my nails done the day before I flew to Ibiza but because I had lots on that day I was really limited with time I had available.  Luckily, because Blow Ltd’s beauty experts start work so early, I was able to snag a 7.30 am spot which was perfect for me as I get up really early to go to the gym anyway.

As expected, the girl that arrived at my front door was so lovely and professional.  She works in a salon full time, so she takes the early morning and evening slots and is more than skilled in her area of expertise because this is what she does day in, day out.  The only thing Blow need to do yours nail at home and work is a single socket to plug the lamp into so you really can have them done wherever is convenient for you.  I plumped for the kitchen, and after my professional had set up, she got to work preparing my nails.

Blow Ltd Manicure | Jacinta Dawn

Just like in a salon, Blow Ltd have tons of nail colours with them for you to choose from.  Even though it was September and summer was technically over, I wanted something bright for Ibiza so chose an amazing neon coral colour – after two coats it was super bright and would really show off my holiday tan.

I was really impressed with the professionalism and the speed of Blow Ltd.  In no time at all, my gel nails were finished and the appointment had flown by so quickly thanks to the chatty and friendly manicurist.

What about the nails?  Well, I was really impressed with them too.  They lasted me through Ibiza and then some without any chips or peeling and I finally removed them a few weeks later.  Thanks so much Blow Ltd.


Blow Ltd have been lovely enough to give me my own discount code to pass onto you!  Enter code DAWN15 at the checkout for 15% off ANY Blow Ltd app.  Don’t forget to tag me in photos after if you use it – @jacintadawn.

Download the Blow Ltd app on the App Store or Play Store.

Disclaimer: this service was complimentary and gifted to me by Blow Ltd via Carousel PR.  My review has, in no way, been influenced and reflects my honest opinions.


Last week I was thrilled to be invited by Ledigo PR to a blogger’s brunch hosted by local Wilmslow company, Simply Argan. Held at the beautiful Victor’s in Hale, the event was an opportunity to learn more at the company, what they do and how their products can be used.

I tootled along to it with my friend Ellie, of Eleanor Graceful, and we were seated with Emmi and Emma. Other blogger guests included my friend Janet from SoHale, who I’ve worked with over at Made in Cheshire for around a year now, and the fabulous Missy Thorley from Contour Allure.

Whilst we sipped on our yummy ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ smoothies, the lovely ladies from Simply Argan talked us through their products. I only recently got onto the whole argan oil vibe – my friend Natalie bought me some beauty products a few months ago and I really liked them – so it was really interesting to listen to how and where they source their oil and how it can be incorporated into your daily beauty regime. We were lucky enough to have been gifted some amazing – and very generous amount of – products in our goody bags and they talked with such passion about the benefits of their high quality oil.

Victor’s is one of my favourite places to visit anyway because of their gorgeous wisteria-covered room and beautiful interior and their delicious chocolate covered pancakes only served to cement them in my mind as a local brunch hotspot.  After a week of healthy eating they were definitely deserved and were so good Ellie even felt she had to dip in and steal some from my plate 🙂

It was a really lovely morning and I couldn’t wait to use my products.  I’d initially been scared about using argan oil shampoo – although my hair wouldn’t be described as greasy, it definitely doesn’t lack moisture and I was worried anything oil based would be too heavy.  Nevertheless I gave them a go and I was really pleasantly surprised by them.  First thing to note is the shampoo and conditioner smell insane – when I read the ‘smell’ was argan and violet I didn’t expect it to smell like actual Parma Violet sweets but it does and it’s amaaazing.  The second thing to note is they literally leave your hair feeling silky smooth.  Seriously – I was ready to be signed up as a hair model as I walked down the street.  I’d say, on the whole, I was more impressed by the conditioner than the shampoo as I felt the shampoo didn’t lather as much as I like, although, I do suspect that was down to the ingredients being a lot more natural than other brands so perhaps it’s a case of swings and roundabouts.  Either way, I’m sold and would definitely repurchase both again.

For similar reasons to my hair, I was a bit dubious about how well my skin would react with the night oil.  I generally don’t use any oil-based products on my skin for fear of getting a shiny face but curiosity, coupled with having been sleeping really badly recently, prompted me to try it.  I mention my sleeping because the night oil contains lavender to aid you getting to sleep and generally just relaxing you.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, my skin didn’t feel greasy at all the next morning, it just felt really soft, so I’m definitely happy with the outcome.  I would say though, not to put it on if your hair is clean – ultimately you’re going to end up with it touching your face at some point in the night so it’s probably best to do it on a night when it needs a wash.

The two other products we were gifted were the pure argan oil and the coconut and vanilla coffee scrub.  The pure argan oil is, like the rest of their products, 100% organic and in this product hasn’t been diluted or mixed with anything that would impair the effectiveness of it.  It’s great for using on your body and hair and apparently has really good results for things like stretch marks and scars.  I have a pretty big scar on my calf that was a result of an ice skating injury so I’m keen to start using this to see if it improves the look of it at all.  I’m SO excited to use the coffee scrub because I’ve heard such amazing things about it.  Even through the sealed packet it smells incredible and I have a feeling it’ll be a great exfoliator pre fake tanning so I’ll report back on how that goes when I give it a whirl.

It was fantastic to meet the lovely ladies behind the brand and it was such a fab event.  If you’ve not tried Simply Argan before I urge you to give them a go – they’re natural, fair trade, organic and not tested on animals so you really don’t need any more excuses.

Have you tried Simply Argan?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me @jacintadawn.


How amaaazing is Charlotte Tilbury?!  Literally the most beautiful packaging known to man and the lipsticks are no exception. Hailed as the nude that suits everyone, the modern-matte Pillow Talk is part of their Matte Revolution range and is the ‘ultimate lip colour…for naturally fuller, wider lips’. I’m completely in love with it; it absolutely makes my lips look fuller and the colour is so flattering. I must admit, it’s a little darker than it looks on the photos – it’s more of a darker nude than a flesh-coloured nude – but I still think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s matte without being drying and it manages to stay on my lips much better than any of my MAC lippies did.

I’ve been a fan of CT for little over a year now and think Charlotte’s makeup is exceptional but recently I’ve also been trying to make a move to solely cruelty-free brands. I’ve become increasingly aware of the fact that some brands still actively condone animal testing and even more aware of the ones that say they are cruelty-free yet still sell in China. For those of you that don’t know, if you sell in China it’s mandatory that the products are tested on animals before they are allowed to be sold. This, quite frankly, makes me sick and I’ve realised I can’t support companies that claim they care about animals yet are willing to sacrifice their welfare for profit. I get it, in a sense, I really do: China is a huge market and huge chunk of their profits but for me, personally, I can’t put my vanity over animals’ comfort. I’ve been a fan of MAC since I first started to wear makeup and although it pains me that I’ll never have another Honey Love lippie or Melon pigment (it’s insane as a highlighter and that makes me super sad), I’m happy to look at alternatives to stock my makeup bag with.

Charlotte Tilbury don’t test any of their products on animals and, perhaps more importantly, they state on their website their suppliers don’t either. I think it’s really important to look into a company’s cruelty-free stance, if this is something that’s important to you, and really dissect the language they use. I’ve found many have been clever with how they word things, implying they don’t ask their suppliers to test on animals or that they can’t guarantee that all ingredients are cruelty-free. For me, this isn’t good enough and is skirting around the truth – if Charlotte Tilbury can confidently say their suppliers don’t, then other brands should be able to too.

Although it seems like a minefield researching which brands are cruelty free and which sell in China, it’s really not as hard as it feels and there’s lots of great resources available, like Peta, to help you make an educated purchase. With more and more brands wising up to the fact that consumers are more conscious of this matter, I’m finding more than ever that the ones committed to cruelty-free cosmetics tend to shout about it.

Are cruelty-free cosmetics important to you? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @jacintadawn.


Okay, I admit it, usually I’m super mean and don’t tell anyone my best beauty secrets.  Selfishly, I kind of just like to have something really amazing that no one else knows about.  I literally cannot keep quiet about my latest discovery though – I love it so much that I just want to tell everyone I meet about it!  Girls, I present to you the best mascara in the world: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Quite a bold claim to make, I know, ‘the best mascara in the world’ – but this product honestly warrants it.  What I think is important to point first of all, is that the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash does work best when combined with your existing mascara.  That’s right…it’s not a substitute for your current brand, but more like an add-on.  For best results, start with a thin or normal coating of your existing mascara and wait for it to dry.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Then this is where the magic happens.  Basically, you get two mascara-shaped tubes when you buy this product.  The first, slightly larger one, is the transplanting gel and the second is the natural fibres.  Once your original mascara is dry, you take the transplanting gel and coat your lashes in the same manner as when you do your normal mascara.  The transplanting gel is, technically, more or less the same as a normal mascara and serves in this first step to wet your lashes.  Immediately after you have done this, taken the second wand with the fibres on and go over your lashes.  The fibres are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and animal cruelty-free and are made out green tea leaves.  As your coating your lashes you will notice the fibres sticking and effectively elongating and making your lashes thicker.  Don’t put too much on it one go or they’ll just flake onto your face – you can always add a second coat after.  As soon as you’ve finished this, take your transplanting gel and go over the fibres on your lashes to seal them in.  To make the whole process easier, I do an eye at a time and make sure both tubes are unscrewed and ready to be used.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

I literally can’t emphasise to your enough how amazed you’ll be at how your lashes look.  I’m lucky and have quite long, dark and thick lashes anyway and even I can see a noticeable difference.  One coat is more than enough for day-to-day wear but if I’m going out at night I’ll occasionally just repeat the process and as a second layer.  Check out my serious pouty selfie in my March roundup post to see how my lashes look with two coats!

I honestly never want to be without this mascara – I can never imagine not wanting to re-buy it.  Younique is one of those companies that has reps working for it so I bought my mascara (and one for my mum!) off a lovely girl on my Facebook for £23 each.  Younique has a website where you can buy it though and some of the reps even have their own website/FB pages so a quick Google will find you somewhere to buy it.  It’s way more then I would ever usually spend on a mascara but I can honestly say it’s worth every penny and it even comes in a snazzy case!

Let me know what you think!