I’m a little bit obsessed with my new embroidered jacket from Look Of The Day.  I went to their launch party at Rosso a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with their clothes so was delighted when they sent me a package of some pieces from their initial collection.  This jacket is oversized so it’s perfect for throwing on over pretty much anything and flower embroidery is really on trend at the moment.

I’m excited to share my other pieces on my blog and Instagram.  If you like the jacket, it’s currently got 50% off it on the website, so you can grab yours for only £27.50!

Check out their fab site here: www.lotd.com and don’t forget to use #MyLOTD for a chance to be feature on their Insta!

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Sadly, I never had a prom when I was at school.  I went to an all girls’ school up until I was 16 and was the only girl in the midst of boys when I was at sixth form (seriously) so sadly a prom was never on the cards.  That doesn’t stop me, however, completely lusting over New Look’s range of pretty prom dresses though – despite the fact I’m 24!

With prom season almost upon us I thought this was the perfect time to write a wishlist of my top 5 New Look prom dresses…and yes I will be purchasing one!  I have three weddings to go to this year, perfect excuse right?!

1.  Shell Pink Lace Shoulder Prom Dress

Shell Pink Lace Shoulder Prom Dressac


This little number is so pretty.  The soft pastel pink colour will suit so many skin tones and the black detail gives it an almost Parisienne feel.  The belt will nip those in at the waist that need it and the lace sleeves are not only trés chic but also give a little extra security to those self-conscious about their upper arms.

2.  Black Embellished Lattice Waist Prom Dress

Black Embellished Lattice Waist Prom Dress


Who doesn’t love a little black dress?  The lattice waist and embellishments are super cute and the simple shape and spaghetti straps mean this simple little number can be accessorised to the max.  Think killer heels, a chunky necklace and a little clutch – amazing!

3.  Mint Green Embellished 2 in 1 Maxi Dress

Mint Green Embellished 2 in 1 Maxi Dress


Quite frankly, what’s not to love about this dress?  It’s beautiful.  The pastel mint green colour is just dreamy and the embellishment on the top means it has just the right amount of sparkle without looking like you’re a disco ball.  Plus, a floor length skirt?  Er, hello Cinderella dress!

4.  Coral Strappy Embellished Waist Prom Dress

Coral Strappy Embellished Waist Prom Dress

The embellished waist is back again!  If you fancy a little bit of a bolder colour then this coral dress is a must.  The floaty skirt is super girly and the neckline is so unusual and pretty with the little V-shape dip.  As New Look described it, it’s a ‘classic with a hint of embellishment for an updated look’.  Exactly.

5.  Peach Halterneck Embellished Waist Maxi Dress

Peach Halterneck Embellished Waist Maxi Dress

My absolute favourite of New Look’s prom dresses.  Look at it.  It’s just beautiful.  There’s nothing I dislike about it – the halterneck looks super flattering, the peach colour is fit for a princess and the embellishments mean you’ll stand out from the crowd.  No accessories needed, just a sparkly clutch and some silver shoes and you shall be the belle of the ball!

All of New Look’s prom dresses are priced somewhere between an amazing £29.99 and a super reasonable £59.99 and are available now both in stores and online.  There’s a dress for every single one of you prom princesses and you’ll be sure to look a million dollars! ♥



With winter showing no signs of leaving us and the cold snaps getting colder, it’s no wonder that I’m beginning to look forward to Spring. Looking in the Internet, I can already see little bursts of colour starting to an appearance and this little beauty caught my eye!


Mulberrys could never really be described as anything less than investment pieces – and to be honest, if I’d saved all my pennies for one handbag then I’m not sure this is the most sensible colour – but I just love this gorgeous bubblegum pink Bayswater! If I was a rich lady and could afford the £995 price tag then this beautiful baby would definitely be mine!