How amaaazing is Charlotte Tilbury?!  Literally the most beautiful packaging known to man and the lipsticks are no exception. Hailed as the nude that suits everyone, the modern-matte Pillow Talk is part of their Matte Revolution range and is the ‘ultimate lip colour…for naturally fuller, wider lips’. I’m completely in love with it; it absolutely makes my lips look fuller and the colour is so flattering. I must admit, it’s a little darker than it looks on the photos – it’s more of a darker nude than a flesh-coloured nude – but I still think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s matte without being drying and it manages to stay on my lips much better than any of my MAC lippies did.

I’ve been a fan of CT for little over a year now and think Charlotte’s makeup is exceptional but recently I’ve also been trying to make a move to solely cruelty-free brands. I’ve become increasingly aware of the fact that some brands still actively condone animal testing and even more aware of the ones that say they are cruelty-free yet still sell in China. For those of you that don’t know, if you sell in China it’s mandatory that the products are tested on animals before they are allowed to be sold. This, quite frankly, makes me sick and I’ve realised I can’t support companies that claim they care about animals yet are willing to sacrifice their welfare for profit. I get it, in a sense, I really do: China is a huge market and huge chunk of their profits but for me, personally, I can’t put my vanity over animals’ comfort. I’ve been a fan of MAC since I first started to wear makeup and although it pains me that I’ll never have another Honey Love lippie or Melon pigment (it’s insane as a highlighter and that makes me super sad), I’m happy to look at alternatives to stock my makeup bag with.

Charlotte Tilbury don’t test any of their products on animals and, perhaps more importantly, they state on their website their suppliers don’t either. I think it’s really important to look into a company’s cruelty-free stance, if this is something that’s important to you, and really dissect the language they use. I’ve found many have been clever with how they word things, implying they don’t ask their suppliers to test on animals or that they can’t guarantee that all ingredients are cruelty-free. For me, this isn’t good enough and is skirting around the truth – if Charlotte Tilbury can confidently say their suppliers don’t, then other brands should be able to too.

Although it seems like a minefield researching which brands are cruelty free and which sell in China, it’s really not as hard as it feels and there’s lots of great resources available, like Peta, to help you make an educated purchase. With more and more brands wising up to the fact that consumers are more conscious of this matter, I’m finding more than ever that the ones committed to cruelty-free cosmetics tend to shout about it.

Are cruelty-free cosmetics important to you? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @jacintadawn.


MAC Saint Germain


This lipstick is by no means a new product in my makeup bag – in fact, it’s a staple.  However, last summer I went to Parklife festival and someone stole my makeup out of my bag (seriously) and I just hadn’t got round to replacing yet so to mark such a glorious occasion I thought I’d write a little blog on it!

I’m a MASSIVE fan of MAC lipsticks and find they rarely ever disappoint.  To be honest, I don’t particularly suit many pink lipsticks but Saint Germain is definitely a colour I reach for time and time again.  It’s a really gorgeous, almost baby pink colour with cool undertones and is very similar to MAC’s cult classic ‘Snob’ shade.  It’s quite highly pigmented so I liked to dab it on quite lightly and build it up and sometimes I even put some concealer on or under to tone it down even more.  Doing this makes it a really pretty pink for daytime and applying it more heavily makes for a bolder look for evening.  Being a brunette I think you have to be a bit more careful with pinks but I find this suits my skin colour, hair and dark eyes quite a lot!

Obviously, you pay for the quality with MAC which means it’s a pretty steep £15 but it’s honestly worth the price and pre-theft my last one had lasted absolutely ages and had had a lot more life left it in! 🙁



I have to admit, I’m an absolute lipstick addict.  My drawers at home are filled to the brim with the stuff and nothing excites me more than a new lipstick to try.  That’s why I was so excited when I got to test two of W7‘s shades: Kir Royale and Raspberry Ripple.

I’m going to be honest, W7 was a brand I had heard of before but never really taken the plunge to buy – your guess is as good as mine as to why not, at only £1 (-yes! One whole pound!) there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t give it a go.  The first thing that struck me was how pretty the actually casings were – the chrome and the chunky lids means they’ll definitely look good in your makeup bag.  Another really good point to mention was that the colour of the plastic is similiar to the actual lipstick colour and the bottom is actually clear so there is no confusion as to which lipstick you’re picking up.  Most brands have one colour of casing for all shades and time and time again I have picked the wrong colour up when leaving the house, only to find when I top up my makeup later in the day that I  have a bright red lipstick to clash with my pink dress that day.

 Straight away, the first thing that hit me when I took the lids off was the smell of these lipsticks.  They are fruity – and when I say that I mean seriously fruity.  I honestly have never smelt such a gorgeous smelling lipstick.  In fact, it’s never occurred to me before now that lipsticks really have a smell.  It’s strong enough to be noticeable but light enough that it doesn’t get on your nerves when wearing it all day and it definitely made using them a little more fun!

Both lipsticks are very strong colours and definitely not for the shy wallflower!  They have a lovely. slightly glittery but not  too OTT, shimmer running through them and it’s also worth noting that your get a lot of lipstick for your extravagant expense of a whole pound.  Too many times I’ve bought lipsticks for a substantial amount more money and found a pathetic little stump of product when I’ve taken the lid off!

Raspberry Ripple is a gorgeous, bright, fun shade of pink.  Usually I go for slightly more subtle shades of pink but I definitely had fun wearing this one!  Even though it’s bright, with subtle eye makeup it could definitely still be worn in the day and I used it as my statement accessory with a plain coloured dress and a messy bun.  The shimmer I mentioned on the stick definitely translates onto the lips and I thought this was a really nice feature.  I’m not really a fan of lipgloss – I find most quite sticky and usually end up with a lot of it in my hair on a windy day – gross! – but sometimes I do agree that some lipsticks need a slick of it on top to brighten them up.  This lipstick had the subtle shine of gloss with out any of the sticky mess – perfect!  If you love your pink then this is definitely a colour I would recommend you buying – some may call it summery but with the right styling this could see you all the way through winter too.

Kir Royale was definitely my favourite out of the two colours.  Again, this was a shade so far removed from the type of colour I usually go for that I was actually a bit nervous about trying it out!  Nevertheless, I did and it turned out I loved it!  It’s definitely a very vampish sort of colour and probably best suited to a night out.  It’s a lovely sort of deep purple which, I admit does sound a bit weird, but again with the gorgeous shimmer that runs through these products, it ends up looking incredibly stylish rather than over-the-top dramatic.  Both these lipsticks are sold as ‘moisturising lipsticks’ so it means they are very soft and feel quite lip balm-like on your lips and also have the ability to be ‘smudged’ a little with your finger to mute the colour slightly!  If like me, you are used to very matt lipsticks, then it might take you a while to get used to the glossier feel on your lips but once you do I’m sure you’ll like it.

All in all, I am very impressed with these products.  As I say, W7 was a brand that I had never really thought to try before but for the bargain Katy’s Cosmetics price of a £1, they do all you expect and more!


    • gorgeous, rich colours
    • moisturising
    • lovely shimmer running though them
    • plastic case matches lipstick colour
    • £1 on Katy’s Cosmetics!


  • colour doesn’t stay in place as well as other lipsticks due to moisturising consistancy
  • may need to reapply a little more for same reason


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