Last week I was thrilled to be invited by Ledigo PR to a blogger’s brunch hosted by local Wilmslow company, Simply Argan. Held at the beautiful Victor’s in Hale, the event was an opportunity to learn more at the company, what they do and how their products can be used.

I tootled along to it with my friend Ellie, of Eleanor Graceful, and we were seated with Emmi and Emma. Other blogger guests included my friend Janet from SoHale, who I’ve worked with over at Made in Cheshire for around a year now, and the fabulous Missy Thorley from Contour Allure.

Whilst we sipped on our yummy ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ smoothies, the lovely ladies from Simply Argan talked us through their products. I only recently got onto the whole argan oil vibe – my friend Natalie bought me some beauty products a few months ago and I really liked them – so it was really interesting to listen to how and where they source their oil and how it can be incorporated into your daily beauty regime. We were lucky enough to have been gifted some amazing – and very generous amount of – products in our goody bags and they talked with such passion about the benefits of their high quality oil.

Victor’s is one of my favourite places to visit anyway because of their gorgeous wisteria-covered room and beautiful interior and their delicious chocolate covered pancakes only served to cement them in my mind as a local brunch hotspot.  After a week of healthy eating they were definitely deserved and were so good Ellie even felt she had to dip in and steal some from my plate 🙂

It was a really lovely morning and I couldn’t wait to use my products.  I’d initially been scared about using argan oil shampoo – although my hair wouldn’t be described as greasy, it definitely doesn’t lack moisture and I was worried anything oil based would be too heavy.  Nevertheless I gave them a go and I was really pleasantly surprised by them.  First thing to note is the shampoo and conditioner smell insane – when I read the ‘smell’ was argan and violet I didn’t expect it to smell like actual Parma Violet sweets but it does and it’s amaaazing.  The second thing to note is they literally leave your hair feeling silky smooth.  Seriously – I was ready to be signed up as a hair model as I walked down the street.  I’d say, on the whole, I was more impressed by the conditioner than the shampoo as I felt the shampoo didn’t lather as much as I like, although, I do suspect that was down to the ingredients being a lot more natural than other brands so perhaps it’s a case of swings and roundabouts.  Either way, I’m sold and would definitely repurchase both again.

For similar reasons to my hair, I was a bit dubious about how well my skin would react with the night oil.  I generally don’t use any oil-based products on my skin for fear of getting a shiny face but curiosity, coupled with having been sleeping really badly recently, prompted me to try it.  I mention my sleeping because the night oil contains lavender to aid you getting to sleep and generally just relaxing you.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, my skin didn’t feel greasy at all the next morning, it just felt really soft, so I’m definitely happy with the outcome.  I would say though, not to put it on if your hair is clean – ultimately you’re going to end up with it touching your face at some point in the night so it’s probably best to do it on a night when it needs a wash.

The two other products we were gifted were the pure argan oil and the coconut and vanilla coffee scrub.  The pure argan oil is, like the rest of their products, 100% organic and in this product hasn’t been diluted or mixed with anything that would impair the effectiveness of it.  It’s great for using on your body and hair and apparently has really good results for things like stretch marks and scars.  I have a pretty big scar on my calf that was a result of an ice skating injury so I’m keen to start using this to see if it improves the look of it at all.  I’m SO excited to use the coffee scrub because I’ve heard such amazing things about it.  Even through the sealed packet it smells incredible and I have a feeling it’ll be a great exfoliator pre fake tanning so I’ll report back on how that goes when I give it a whirl.

It was fantastic to meet the lovely ladies behind the brand and it was such a fab event.  If you’ve not tried Simply Argan before I urge you to give them a go – they’re natural, fair trade, organic and not tested on animals so you really don’t need any more excuses.

Have you tried Simply Argan?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me @jacintadawn.


I’m not going to lie, I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to a skin care regime – I don’t spend hours researching products, I do sometimes go for the product that smells the nicest and, if I’m completely honest, I don’t really fully understand what cleansing and toning is (how do you tone your skin?!).  Most of this is because I’m just pure lazy when it comes to doing anything other than taking my make up off and washing my face and the rest of it is because, at 22, I still look like I’m barely 16 and really haven’t seen the need for bothering properly with my skin yet.

However, due to being a little tired and run down lately, I have noticed that my skin has been prone to spots a little lately and that dark circles under my eyes had started to appear.  Although this is nothing that a few early nights and plenty of water won’t sort out, I decided to take it as a sign that I should invest in the simplest form of skincare and filled my basket with a few goodies – like most of you, I’m sure, I can spend a small fortune in any beauty shop and waste an extraordinary amount of time!

Although I had heard good things about the brand Good Things before (excuse the pun!), I was initially drawn to their products because of their pretty packaging.  Once I’d got past that, however, the products actually seemed pretty perfect for what I was after.  Good Things products are made primarily for young skin and are made using healthy, organic ingredients that are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are free from any parabens, sodium, laureth sulphate or minerals oils.    The first tube I popped in my basket was their Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser with superfruit extracts of mango and blueberry (£4.99).  I applied it damp skin like instructed and, I’m not going to lie, it does feel a little ‘gloopy’ when you’re massaging it into your face but once I washed it off, my skin honestly did feel refreshed and pure.  I’ve never had greasy skin but sometimes at the end of the day I feel a bit gross once I’ve taken my make up off and this really did the trick!

The second Good Things product I tried was the Bright Eyes Eye Cream (£5.99) for anti puffiness and dark circles, with superfruit extracts of raspberry and lychee.  I’m always a little dubious of eye creams as I don’t think they have any instant effects and have always thought you don’t need to use them until you’re at least 35.  However, this one smelt so good and felt so light on my skin when I put it on that I kept up with it.  I didn’t use it morning and night like they recommend, however, I did pop it on before I went to bed every night and after a little while testing it, I do think I can see noticeable results.  My dark circles definitely aren’t as dark and I do feel that my skin is less puffy.  Being a person who was blessed (ahem) with naturally thick eyebrows, I have been going to get them threaded for many years now and I do get worried that the skin underneath will sag when I’m older.  I popped some of the Bright Eyes on just under my eyebrows and it is this skin that I think has visibly reduced and appears less puffy.

My last purchase was My Skin’s No Shine Mattifying Moisture Lotion (£2.50).  My Skin is another natural and gentle skincare brand and I believe it is made especially for Tesco.  Good Things do have a mattifying lotion too which I have heard really positive reviews about but I decided to mix things up a little and go for this instead.  This product has kiwi and raspberry extracts in it and I’m by no means exaggerating when I say that it smells absolutely gorgeous!  It’s also such a fantastic product and literally does what it says on the tin.  Like I said before, I’ve never really had greasy skin in the true sense of the word but sometimes my nose and chin areas can be prone to spots.  This product look and feels like a thick moisturiser but within literally within seconds it has totally absorbed and my skin feels  completely matte.  It absorbs all the excess oil and shine and my skin feels gorgeous and refreshed after.  I pop it on just before I go to bed and my skin feels the same in the morning although I’m sure there’s nothing to stop you putting it on in the morning a little while before you do your makeup.

So all in all I’m a bit of a skincare convert.  No, it’s not the most sophisticated range of products but they absolutely do their job and the thing that sold me the most was they were full of healthy, fruity ingredients.  Plus, they were all such a bargain at  under £6 – perfect for the student budget!