New ‘Jools’ – Rings by Jacy & Jools

Jacy & Jools rings


I’m so in love with my new rings from Jacy & Jools – how lucky am I!  I’ve been eyeing up the rose gold vermeil one for ages because I think the sterling silver puffed heart is just so cute and I’m really into mixed metals and two-tone at the moment.  I just think rose gold is the perfect metal colour for summer coming up but the sterling silver means it still goes with all my other jewellery.  The sterling silver feather ring is a new addition to the Jacy & Jools website and I just think the charm is amazing.  It makes me think of Pocahontas and it’ll just be such a perfect accessory for the hotter weather and festivals.  I really want some natural coloured hair feathers this year too!  What I think is really fab about these rings is that they are a statement enough piece to wear on their own but they’re meant to be stackable and they look so good when you do that.  Usually I wear two stacked up on one finger and then another one on my thumb.

They’re super good value and usually start at £25 but some of them are on sale at the moment at £20 – what better excuse do you need to buy!




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